Phoenix Suns Charities

Phoenix Suns Charities

Phoenix Suns Charities has the mission to benefit organizations that assist the needs of children and families in Arizona, devoting more than 18 million dollars to many Arizona organizations. Phoenix Suns Charities began as the vision of the original chairman and CEO Jerry Colangelo in 1988, when he began to assemble a board of community leaders to oversee the formation and operation of charitable efforts to reflect the mission of the team to be constant leaders in improving the quality of life in Arizona communities.

As part of their mission, Phoenix Suns Charities offers many different avenues to help Arizona residents, such as:

  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Fundraisers

They also have many programs and groups that assist in the community -

  • Charities 88
  • Spirit of Cotton
  • Charity Challenge
  • Suns Assist

Arizona Charitable Giving is a labor of love created to make it easier for the residents of our great state to search and find local charities that touch their hearts. We share selected charities and events to a large distribution list of Arizona residents via email and social media on a regular basis. Any qualified charitable organizations are welcome to submit their profile to be included in our on-going outreach efforts.

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