100 Club of Arizona

100 Club of Arizona

For almost 50 years, the 100 club has provided assistance to statewide public safety agencies, officers, firefighters, EMT/paramedics, and their families. The concept began in 1952 after the fatal shooting of a young Detroit officer, which promoted local car dealer William M. Packer to write to a 100 of friends to donate to a fund for the fallen officer.

The 1965 shooting of a Phoenix officer began the local version of the 100 Club, with the mission to come to the immediate financial aid of the family of fallen officers in the line of duty. This support now includes all public safety members throughout Arizona.

The 100 Club of Arizona and its members realize that money can never make up for the loss of or disability of a loved one, but it can be helpful in covering immediate expenses. In addition, the 100 Club of Arizona has a committee of experts, including members of the fallen officer’s agency, CPAs, attorneys, trust officers, brokers, financial consultants, insurance consultants and employee benefits consultants. This team, at the survivor’s request, will advise and counsel families in a wide-range of areas without cost or obligation.

The 100 Club puts on and sponsors several events that help to support the family of fallen officers, as well as those who are injured in the line of duty, including fundraising, music festivals, golf tournaments and other events.

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