* Featured: GPUL Housing Assistance Programs

* Featured: GPUL Housing Assistance Programs

What does it mean to have a safe and stable home? The Greater Phoenix Urban League offers approved housing resources, counseling, planning, and support for our valley residents. We have partnered with the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona to help families find affordable housing, while helping families keep their homes if faced with foreclosure. We strive to help our families secure safe, comfortable, and affordable housing with a variety of programs:

  • Financial Education Workshops to provide information the necessary steps on obtaining home ownership, teaching participants how to clear up or dispute credit issues and how to develop successful financial plans to start the process.
  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling provides advice for families so they can avoid foreclosures on their homes. Our certified counselors offer advice and guidance to help families who are struggling to make payments or have fallen behind on their mortgage.
  • Loan Modification Scam prevention is a program to ensure that families are not mislead by fraudulent groups trying to modify or stop paying a loan.
  • Affordable Low Income Apartments are offered to low and moderate income individuals, families, and seniors so they can locate and reside in respectable, safe, and sanitary housing.

The housing market is again starting to rise, with more homes on the market for purchase. The GPUL’s housing programs aim to get valley residents and families into these housing, helping them to achieve the American dream of home ownership and ensuring that our city and state can provide safe housing to all residents.

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