Not My Kid

Not My Kid

Positivity and success are just small parts of the Not My Kids organization. Complex challenges are facing both kids and families and have the potential to devastate lives and derail futures.  Did you know?

  • 13 is the average age a kid starts to try drugs
  • Kids who reach 21 without engaging in destructive behavior are likely never to do so

Not My Kid strives to educate about current trends, warning signs, and long term impacts of destructive behavior by using proactive prevention with kids, families, and communities. Their vision and mission is ensuring every kid has the knowledge and confidence to reach their full potential through positive life choices, while empowering and educating them to identify and prevent negative behavior.

Programs within the organization include:

  • amplif(i), which prevents topics like drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, unhealthy relationships, and internet safety, based on the understanding that young people are more likely to listen to their peers.
  • Parent and faculty education, which focuses on similar topics as amplif(i) that help adults understand the challenges kids are facing, moreover they are informed about signs of potential problems.
  • Workshops for youth and families, a new program from the Leadership Workshops Foundation that provides kids the tools to build their character for their age group.

Not My Kid began in 1999 when Debbie and Steve Moak were dealing with substance abuse in their family. Discovering that sharing their story was not only therapeutic for them, but helpful to other families in need. As the organization began to grow, it began to ulitze additional speakers who also told their stories, creating an emotional connection with the community and helped to bring awareness to these challenges.

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