Ryan House

Ryan House

Ryan House’s motto is open doors and open hearts, focusing on the quality of life and continuity of care for families with children facing limiting or end-of-journeys. Ryan House is the only organization of its kind within the Southwest and one of two in the entire country, offering several programs and processes, such as:

  • Palliative and respite care to address the emotional, spiritual, and social needs of the family
  • Continuity of care from diagnosis to end of life
  • Expert care provided by the prestigious care partners and highly trained staff
  • A loving community that offers ongoing support and compassion

Ryan House began when the youngest of the Cotter family, Ryan, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, an illness where 80% of children diagnosis never survive to see their next birthday. The family was living in England at the time, away from family in Arizona, but were given the name of a facility in Oxford where they could take Ryan for short breaks. The place was called Helen House.

Grateful for the care and attention the staff gave to the family, the Cotters set about doing something similar to families who were faced with the same predicament within the state of Arizona. The same palliative care, active, and total approach the family received at Helen House are duplicated at Ryan House, proving other families the kindness and care they received.

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