Our Family Services

Our Family Services

Our Family Services provides shelter and support to homeless children, youth and families, promoting peace and understanding by helping people talk to each other. Our Family helps people learn to be better parents, improve their lives, their relationships, and build stronger families.

Our Family offers two program areas:

  • New Beginnings, which helps homeless children, youth, and families find safe and stable housing.
  • Strong Communities, which helps to build better communities counseling, education, and skill building, services for elders and those with disabilities, resources, and their Center for Community.

Within both of these programs comes a variety of services, such as:

  • Affordable apartments
  • Counseling
  • Emergency shelter services
  • Elder legacy services
  • Reunion house
  • Mediation
  • Street outreach

Among these programs and services, Our Family also offers training and workshops for social service and behavioral health professionals and workshops that discuss conflicts, CORE, nonviolent communication training, and more.

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