Sojourner Center

Sojourner Center

Sojourner Center is committed to transforming lives. Since 1977, Sojourner Center has provided shelter and support services to thousands of women and children affected by domestic violence, and become one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the United States. Because of Sojourner Center’s caring and knowledgeable staff and volunteers, families traumatized by abuse discover hope and find the path to futures free from violence.

Everyone who works or volunteers at Sojourner Center is inspired by the vision of a world in which the cycles of domestic violence are finally broken. We can gratefully acknowledge our partners, sponsors, donors and volunteers enough for sharing our commitment to this cause. In its nearly 40 years of dedicated work and accomplishments, Sojourner Center has evolved into a national leader in domestic violence.

Sojourner Center was founded in 1977 as an emergency program for women transitioning back into society after release from prison. A passionate group of twelve visionaries realized that women leaving the criminal justice system rarely had the skills or support to be successful in the outside world. Sojourner Center provided a temporary home as well as programs that taught self-sufficiency, empowerment and family skills, which helped the women rebuild their lives.

During its first four years, the staff and Board of Directors discovered a common factor shared by most of the women was domestic violence. To better meet the needs of their shelter program residents, the Board shifted Sojourner Center’s focus to serving victims of domestic violence.

Named for famed African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth, today Sojourner Center is committed to expanding our safety net of services for women, children, men and pets. Shelter is critical but we must provide more, if we want to achieve a world free from domestic viol

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