Amigos De Las AmAcricas

Amigos De Las AmAcricas

AMIGOS is an international leader in youth development, creating a world where young people realize their full potential as leaders and global citizens. The Tucson chapter helps to recruit, train, and support AMIGOS participants and their families in the Tucson area, taking part in local training and fundraising to prepare members for broader experiences.

AMIGOS provides extraordinary opportunities for youth to design and lead projects in collaboration with US and Latin American peers and partner organizations, with over 50 years of authentic engagement in communities across the region. The Tucson chapter incorporates service learning into AMIGOS training to add depth and first-hand experience to their curriculum. Participants are trained in nutrition education through our partnership with Tucson Village Farm, educating them on the benefits of healthy eating.

Some of the additional training programs include:

  • Unparalleled leadership development
  • Cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Hands on training for technical aspects of the program
  • Extensive health and safety training
  • Creating a community of young people with shared values

For high school and college students, they also have an opportunity to use their summer or gap year traveling to Latin America, where they can become a catalyst for social change in the area.

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