Arizona Women's Education and Employment

Arizona Women's Education and Employment

The AWEE makes it possible to help women in our community overcome obstacles and get better jobs, creating better tomorrows for themselves, their families, and their communities. Through partnerships with top employers in Arizona, clients are able to meet with our state’s best organizations, providing them the opportunity to earn dignity through work and gives them the power to transform their lives.

Since 1981, the AWEE has helped more than 200,000 clients find better jobs for better tomorrows, becoming a trusted evidence based workforce provider in the state. AWEE does this by providing specialized programs that give resources to help and support client needs, offering skills trainings to career mentoring, they can move beyond their own obstacles to realize a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. AWEE clients receive:

  • Connections to Arizona’s best employers to make great job matches
  • Skills trainings, coaching, mentoring and support
  • Assistance with travel, transportation, clothing and interview preparation
  • Access to the innovation economy via entrepreneurship trainings and leadership development opportunities
  • Connections to a supportive community that offers essential caring, nurturing and advocacy for long-term career success

AWEE offers a variety of resources and assistance, including:

  • Career Ladders Achieving Success and Security (CLASS)
  • Women’s Business Center (WBC)
  • BankWork$
  • SheLEADS
  • Women’s Bridge Initiative

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